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Practical Ways to Better Mental Health


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About The Book


Wise food and lifestyle choices = Better Mental Health


In Practical Ways to Better Mental Health, Kathleen Gooden, a nutritionist specializing in nutrition counseling and mental health, draws on the latest evidence-based scientific research to show her readers practical strategies to manage anxiety and depression through dietary and lifestyle changes, and a variety of therapies such as exercise, arts and crafts, and music. 


She presents her own personal challenges and inspiring stories of individuals dealing with anxiety and depression to show how food and lifestyle choices directly and indirectly affect our mental health.


About The Author


Kathleen Gooden

Kathleen Gooden is a nutritionist specializing in nutrition counseling and mental health. She holds a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition and integrative health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Kathleen passionately helps her clients understand the factors affecting their ability to obtain sustainable and healthy eating for life. She evaluates each client’s health holistically, building their confidence and expanding their knowledge with healthy life choices. Kathleen conducts individualized nutritional interventions resulting in recommendations for improvement and behavior changes to afford the client optimal physical and mental health.

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