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Free Genomic Test Interpretation

The Offer
For a limited Time, Gooden Healthy Nutrition is offering free genomic test interpretation with your purchase of a 3-month nutrition consultation program, a $415 value for $265.
Here's What You Get
  • 1-on-1 individualized nutrition consultation 

  • Personalized recommendations integrating diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation, and mind-body practices

  • Comprehensive genomic analysis, data interpretation of DNA test results, and individualized nutrition report

Time Offer


Genomic Test Interpretation 

Knowing your genetic data provides a blueprint that reveals your health, risk of disease, and answers to unresolved health issues:

  • PROVIDE insight into why feel the way you do.  You may feel like you have good health habits and lifestyle behaviors, but you still don’t feel well.

  • PREVENT chronic related diseases, such as prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

  • ENCOURAGE you to get proactive about your health and motivate you to change your lifestyle behaviors.

The Fine Print

All Clients must:

  • Purchase a 3-month consulting program

  • Get a personal DNA test from or

  • Provide DNA test results and lab test results (blood work) to GHN

  • Adhere to GHN recommendations and interventions for a minimum of 3 contiguous months

  • Document and provide GHN with key health metrics (biometrics and daily food intake) as directed by GHN

All Client data will be used exclusively by GHN

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