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Get Started

1.   Start with a 15-minute call 

During this 15 minute session I gather information on your goals and expectations.  I will not provide any recommendations or interventions for change during this session.


2.   Complete the Client Intake Form and the 

3-Day Food Diary

You provide your personal data in the client intake form and fill out the 3-day food diary. Both forms are available by clicking on the links above.  



3.   Initial Consultation

During this initial consultation I review your personal data, and the 3-day food diary to analyze your dietary intake. I search for possible nutrient deficiencies and food/drug/medication interactions that may be impeding your health. If you have provided me with your DNA data and request genetics testing interpretation, I will provide a comprehensive interpretation of the data.


Based on what I learn, a written report is provided which includes individualized interventions and recommendations that integrate diet, exercise, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation and mind-body practices.  

I also provide an individualized genetics report, if you have provided your personal DNA data.

This session is typically 60-90 minutes in duration.

4.   Additional Consultations

During additional sessions I will monitor your progress, and review results from any testing that was performed. 

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All appointments can be in person, by phone or via a HIPAA compliant video conference service that is similar to Zoom.

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