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Kathleen Gooden is a functional nutritionist who passionately helps her clients understand the factors affecting their ability to obtain sustainable and healthy eating for life. She evaluates each client’s health holistically, building confidence and expanding their knowledge with healthy life choices. Kathleen conducts individualized nutritional interventions resulting in recommendations for improvement and behavior changes to afford the client optimal health.


Kathleen is the founder and owner of Gooden Healthy Nutrition, specializing in functional nutrition counseling and genetics test interpretation. She has a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition and integrative health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  As a second-career functional nutritionist, she leverages 25 years of problem-solving, excellent communication skills and outstanding interpersonal skills to provide impactful nutrition and lifestyle coaching for her clients.

Kathleen is a member of the American Nutrition Association. She is certified with Opus23 Explorer™ software, used for the analysis of genetics data, enabling her to interpret results from various nutrition-related genetic markers and to formulate nutritional plans.


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